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  • Lord,
    What makes a good person? Is it how many times a day they pray? Is it how long they wait to get married? Is it how they treat others? Or is it simply being a person who loves without limits? Honestly, I don't know if it is one, two, all or none of the above. What I do know is that I...

  • Hey guys! We wanted to share our newest video with you for our song, “Sing Me a Love Song”. Click here to watch it on Tangle. As you may know, Mercy Ministries is near and dear to our hearts. So many...

  • I am a very lucky person. You see, I honor two people every year on Mother's Day. I remember them both by sending them cards and notes in gratitude for all they have helped me become.

    I was born and raised on a farm where my mother taught me many things. She showed me how to plant a...

  • Mom,

    You've always been good
    You've mostly been great
    You're never terrible
    and you're never ever evil.
    You love God
    Like I love you
    You taught me to sing
    Sing from my heart
    From my heart to the heavens
    I know I'm the oldest

  • Remedy Drive Set To “Rescue” Ransom.TV on May 11th & TVU on May 14th with World Video Premiere

    Four-piece rock outfit prepares to light up the summer festival circuit before first headlining tour this fall

    NASHVILLE, TN / May 10, 2010 —Christian music’s rising rock act, Remedy...

  • Satellites & Sirens Joining “Air1 Listener Appreciation Tour” As “Anchor” Climbs Charts

    NASHVILLE, TN / May 7, 2010 — Known for their 80’s synth pop meets rock and roll sound, Satellites & Sirens is set to make their impact on the “Air1 Listener Appreciation Tour” launching May 7...

  • Mother's Day is almost here. We want you to share with us things that you love about your mom, or things that you love about being a mom! Tweet your favorite memories, moments, and anything great about moms and tag @pfor #moms.

  • We just updated the Worship Resources section of the site with lead sheets for all the new songs! Click here to check them...

  • As Mother's Day approaches, I want to hear how your mother has shown and exemplified love to you and to others. Click here to share a story, and I'll be featuring them on my homepage the week of Mother's Day...

  • Check out the new video for "What It Means To Love" over at Click here!